Recessed Lighting Installation

Featuring DMF Lighting

At New Age Lighting, we offer recessed lighting solutions featuring DMF Lighting. DMF’s award-winning technology and aesthetic transforms the ambience of any space, providing highly innovative function and features. As the leading authority in residential lighting design and installation in Washington DC Metro, we would love to help you with your recessed lighting project.

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Recessed Lighting Featuring DMF

Recessed lighting, also referred to as downlights and adjustable downlights, are seamlessly installed flush with the ceiling, creating an ambient source of illumination in a space with a sleek aesthetic. At New Age Lighting, we provide recessed lighting solutions featuring DMF Lighting. DMF engineers their lighting systems to give people simple, intuitive control over their surroundings, considered the top choice for recessed lighting with their cutting-edge Warm Dim technology, which transitions seamlessly from a bright and inviting 3000K to a warm, comforting 1800K candlelight glow, all while maintaining consistent color quality and Energy Star rating.

Our recessed lighting solutions offer space-saving design and remarkable versatility, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in any living space. From kitchens and dining rooms to living rooms, hallways, common areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms, our recessed lighting will redefine your space’s atmosphere with elegance and precision.

Industry-leading, award-winning design
Customize and automate your lighting control
Top-of-the-line customer service and satisfaction

Why Choose DMF Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting is a cornerstone of modern interior lighting design, offering a multitude of lighting solutions with an ideal combination of versatility, efficiency, aesthetics, and adaptability. DMF Lighting is an industry leader in recessed lighting solutions with their award-winning downlights. DMF offers unmatched customization, with elegant aesthetics, designed to disappear, incorporating cutting-edge, innovative technology.

High Performance

DMF is industry-leading in high-performance lighting systems, boasting up to 1250 lumens, 93+ CRI, and highly advanced dimming capability down to 1%.

Modular Design

With a modular design, interchangeable trims, color temperatures, and beam angles provide flexibility in design, installation, and beyond. Tailor your choice of finish, shape, function, and custom colors to your needs and your home.

Beautiful Aesthetics

Recessed lighting offers a clean and modern aesthetic, contributing to a sleek and unobtrusive look in any room. Our DMF selection of beautiful finishes includes a full line of precision crafted aluminum trims, allowing you to tailor your lighting to your unique style.

10 Year Warranty

The DMF Promise pledges a 10-year warranty and guaranteed compatibility, so you can trust in the longevity of your investment, knowing that your lighting system is backed by a decade of reliability and assured compatibility.

Exceptional Standard

Our DMF Lighting products adhere to the world’s most rigorous proven performance standard for buildings, the Living Building Challenge, which is an international sustainable building certification program. Similar to recognized standards like LEED and Green Globes, the Living Building Challenge is endorsed by local, state, and international governments. It provides a regenerative design framework that people from around the world use to create spaces that not only meet high sustainability standards but also give back more than they take, making a positive impact on their surroundings.

The DID Series

From traditional to modern aesthetics, with whiter or warmer light outputs, the DID Series is engineered to be modular, allowing for complete customization and tailoring to your unique taste. The DID Series is optimized to seamlessly integrate into lighting control solutions, and offers flawless, high-performance dimming.

The modules and optics in the DID Series are designed to evolve. DMF engineered this system to be tool-free, completely interchangeable, and intuitive to spec, install, and adjust. For everyone, not just electricians.

The iX Series

The high performance iX Series is a small aperture lighting system designed to elevate the entire home with modern, quiet ceilings and award-winning design. The traditional constraints of 2″ fixtures are finally gone.

The revolutionary iX Series Modules go smaller without compromises, combining the performance of larger fixtures with the design of small aperture fixtures for a quiet ceiling. They deliver up to 1250 lumens, 93+ CRI, and drop to 1% dimming. All are completely interchangeable – swap lumens, color temperature or optics all from below the ceiling.

With precision trims in architecture-grade finishes, providing unmatched precision and exceptionally easy installation, every element of the iX Series is designed to complement or disappear into any space, creating a modern, quiet atmosphere throughout the home.

Transform Every Space

DMF recessed lighting provides adaptable illumination that seamlessly integrates into the architectural design of your home, with aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly features. We offer customized recessed lighting solutions that transform any room into a visually appealing and functional space, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.


Strategically positioned fixtures provide uniform illumination, reducing shadows and improving visibility for meal preparation. Dimmer controls allow for easy transition between bright task lighting and a softer ambiance, ideal for entertaining guests.

Dining Room

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with adjustable illumination. Highlight artwork or focal points with precise directionality, adding sophistication to your dining area.

Living Room

Accentuate architectural details, highlight art and cherished possessions, and create different zones within the room. Recessed lighting adapts to various activities, from cozy family evenings to social gatherings.

Hallways and Common Areas

Illuminate pathways elegantly, ensuring safety while maintaining a cohesive and beautifully designed aesthetic.

Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Achieve a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom using strategically placed fixtures. Soft, ambient lighting in bedrooms promotes relaxation and a tranquil sleep environment.

Why Work With Us

As a leader in innovative lighting and installation in the Washington DC Metro area, at New Age Lighting we set the standard for superior service with a guarantee to deliver lighting solutions that will transform and illuminate your home beyond your expectations.

When you work with New Age on your lighting project, you can trust that our team will bring your vision, and our expertly crafted vision for you, to life at its maximum potential. Your unique needs, style, taste, home and lifestyle will be woven with our unparalleled expertise to deliver lighting solutions that will maximize the aesthetics and function of your space, revolutionize convenience in your home life, and uplevel the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

We believe that lighting is more than just providing light. Our team of experts, who are at the forefront of innovative residential lighting services in the DC area, will create a lighting solution that you will cherish for years to come.

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