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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Elevate Your EV Experience

Are you considering owning or already own a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV)? At New Age Lighting we specialize in transforming your home into an EV-friendly space with our tailored EV car charger installation services.

Our expert team ensures an installation process in alignment with your home’s electrical capacity, optimal charging locations, and the specific requirements of your EV. We are dedicated to providing a reliable and efficient car charging solution for years to come.

Whether it’s assessing your home’s electrical panel condition, determining the perfect charger location, or selecting the ideal charger model for your current and future EVs, we guarantee a top-tier and hassle-free installation.

Why Choose New Age Lighting for an EV Charger Installation?

New Age Lighting is a licensed and insured electrical contractor throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

 Since 1989, we have built and nurtured a reputation for excellent performance and customer service. We take great pride in each of our projects and believe in providing more than just labor, we provide comprehensive electrical consultation.

We are committed to providing a superior service experience and value!

Established & Experienced

Founded in 1989 on the philosophy of providing superior electrical design, installation and service for residential and commercial applications.

Licensed & Insured

Throughout the Washington, DC Metro Area. Click here for our service areas.

You can count on us

Our average employee tenure is over 9 years. Our excellent employee retention translates into dedicated managers and technicians for your project!

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New Age Lighting provides lighting design, installation and repair services throughout the Washington DC Metro area, Montgomery County, MD and Northern VA.

Licensed and insured throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan Area:

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