Task & Linear Lighting Installation

Featuring Proluxe by American Lighting

New Age Lighting is pleased to offer linear lighting design and installation featuring Proluxe by American Lighting. We specialize in creating custom linear track lighting solutions to enhance the aesthetics, ambiance and functionality of your home. As a leader in residential lighting solutions in the Washington DC Metro area, we set the highest standard for superior service.

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Custom Linear Lighting with Proluxe

Linear lighting, defined by its long, straight fluorescent or LED tubes, is sleek and effective at creating a modern aesthetic, offering a spectrum of multi-color options, including tunable white and RGB. Linear lighting can be discreetly tucked beneath kitchen cabinets, placed on shelves, or utilized for step lighting, to illuminate a space for effective task or accent lighting. Linear lighting can also be used to create a mood enhancing ambiance as cove lighting or for tray ceilings.

At New Age Lighting, we recommend linear lighting as an essential part of a layered lighting design, and to provide top-tier, advanced lighting solutions that create an unique experience for every customer, we use Proluxe. The result of over 30+ years of innovation, research, and attention to detail in developing LED products, Proluxe is the top choice for linear lighting with unbeatable technology and design.

Illuminate your home with premier lighting products
Customize and automate your home lighting control
Top-of-the-line customer service and satisfaction

Incorporating Linear Lighting into
Your Home

Incorporating Linear Lighting into Your Home

New Age Lighting provides custom design and installation for many uses of linear lighting in your living spaces. Layering linear lighting throughout your home can transform the ambience and functionality of a room, such as enhancing task productivity with under-cabinet lighting while cooking in the kitchen, illuminating workspaces with desk lighting, or highlighting artwork and architectural elements. There are a wide array of ways you can utilize linear lighting to create sleek and sophisticated atmosphere and uplevel your interior spaces.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a focused point of light that is specifically designed to provide ample light for performing specific tasks. This type of lighting is often brighter and more directed, ensuring that the area where the task is being performed is well-lit and free from shadows. Linear task lighting is commonly used in work spaces, kitchen countertops, study desks, and any area where precise tasks are conducted.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds a layer of sophistication and style to your space by highlighting specific features, objects, or architectural elements. Unlike general or ambient lighting, which evenly illuminates the entire area, accent lighting draws attention to focal points or any object of interest. You can use linear accent lighting to add a layer of depth and visual interest in a room, upleveling the interior design and evoking a certain mood or atmosphere in the room.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Illuminate your kitchen countertops and elevate the ambiance and enhance the functionality of your cooking spaces with under-cabinet lighting. Linear lighting strategically placed under your kitchen cabinets not only creates a well-lit area for preparing food but also uplevels the atmosphere and infuses a touch of elegance into both traditional and modern kitchen designs.

Closet Lighting

Enhance visibility and simplify item retrieval and organization with closet lighting. You can use linear lighting inside closet spaces for general illumination as well as highlighting specific areas of the closet to create enhanced focal points and brighter lighting of certain areas, illuminating collections of shoes, bags or watches, for example.

In-Cabinet Lighting

Discover stored items with ease by installing in-cabinet lighting. It is especially useful for deep and darker interior cabinets, as it eliminates the need to use an external light source to find specific items. Utilizing linear lighting inside your cabinets not only simplifies access and organization but also adds sophistication to any kitchen, bathroom, or storage cabinets.

Kitchen Island Lighting

Elevate your kitchen island into a multifunctional workspace and gathering area. Linear lighting fixtures are suspended from the ceiling above the kitchen island, providing practical and elegant lighting for meal preparation, cooking, and dining. These lights not only offer functional lighting but also serve as a decorative element, infusing upleveled style into your kitchen space.

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is an indirect lighting technique that creates a soft, ambient atmosphere by directing light upwards or downwards. You can use linear cove lighting to add a warm and inviting atmosphere to living spaces, bedrooms, or dining areas. It can also serve as a subtle way to provide general illumination without the need for harsh direct lighting.

Step Lighting

Step lighting is a form of indirect lighting, designed to enhance your space by gently illuminating it from below or above. Layer your interior lighting with linear step lighting to enhance the ambiance and functionality of areas as a subtle and elegant means of providing overall illumination, eliminating the need for harsh direct lighting.

Toe Kick Lighting

Toe kick lighting is placed under vanities and cabinets, providing linear path lighting akin to a nightlight, creating a layer of ambiance, and accentuating specific features in the space.

Wall Washing

Wall washing is an effective vertical, indirect lighting technique typically applied to ceilings or floors. Its main purpose is to create a uniform and consistent brightness across the wall surface. Linear wall washing lighting can highlight and enhance specific features, such as artwork or a fireplace, contributing to a well-balanced and visually appealing environment.

Wall Grazing

Also known as vertical surface highlighting, wall grazing is used to illuminate distinctive features like textured walls, creating captivating shadows and adding depth to the surface. Unlike wall washing, where the lights are positioned at least 12 inches away from the wall, wall grazing lighting is placed 12 inches or less from the wall, resulting in a captivating effect.

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As a leader in innovative lighting design and installation in the Washington DC Metro area, at New Age Lighting we set the standard for superior service with a guarantee to deliver lighting solutions that will transform and illuminate your home beyond your expectations.

When you work with New Age on your lighting project, you can trust that our team will bring your vision, and our expertly crafted vision for you, to life at its maximum potential. Your unique needs, style, taste, home and lifestyle will be woven with our unparalleled expertise to deliver lighting solutions that will maximize the aesthetics and function of your space, revolutionize convenience in your home life, and uplevel the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

We believe that lighting is more than just providing light. Our team of experts, who are at the forefront of innovative residential lighting services in the DC area, will create a lighting solution that you will cherish for years to come.

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