Electrical Services

Panel Replacements, Heavy-Up and Electric Car Charging Installation

New Age Lighting offers top-of-the-line residential electrical services in Washington DC Metro, Montgomery County MD and Northern VA. We specialize in Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Charger Installation, Panel Replacements & Heavy-Up Services, ensuring top-notch electrical solutions for your home

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Residential Electrical Services & Solutions

At New Age Lighting, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality electrical services that cater to modern needs. With a focus on innovation and reliability, our expertise extends across a spectrum of electrical solutions designed to enhance your home’s functionality and safety.

From ensuring your home is EV-ready with our Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Charger Installation to upgrading your electrical panel through our Panel Replacements & Heavy-Up Service, our commitment is to provide seamless installations and comprehensive solutions. Our team meticulously considers your home’s electrical capacity, optimal charging locations, and specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient process that adheres to the National Electrical Code (NEC).

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Elevate Your EV Experience

Are you considering owning or already own a Plug-in Electric Vehicle (EV)? At New Age Lighting we specialize in transforming your home into an EV-friendly space with our tailored EV car charger installation services.

Our expert team ensures an installation process in alignment with your home’s electrical capacity, optimal charging locations, and the specific requirements of your EV. We are dedicated to providing a reliable and efficient car charging solution for years to come.

Whether it’s assessing your home’s electrical panel condition, determining the perfect charger location, or selecting the ideal charger model for your current and future EVs, we guarantee a top-tier and hassle-free installation.

Why Choose New Age Lighting for an EV Charger Installation?

Panel Replacements & Heavy-Up Service

Upgrade Your Electrical Services

Looking to upgrade your electrical panel or heavy-up your service? New Age Lighting offers comprehensive solutions for your panel replacement needs.

Our services include installing a new main breaker-type panel, ensuring proper sizing and replacement of breakers, and adhering to all requirements set by the National Electrical Code (NEC). We’ll guide you through the process and do all the heavy-lifting! We manage the permitting process, install the new panel and grounding system to local and NEC code, coordinate inspections and with your Power company, guaranteeing a safe and compliant electrical panel upgrade.

Upgrade your electrical service to meet your home’s growing demands and ensure optimal safety and performance.

Why Choose New Age Lighting for Panel Replacement and Heavy-Up Services?

Why Work With Us

As a leader in residential lighting and electrical services in Washington DC Metro and surrounding areas, we set the standard for superior service with a guarantee to deliver results beyond your expectations.

When you work with New Age Lighting on your project, you can trust that our fully certified and licensed team will bring our 33 years of experience and dedication to providing the highest quality service to your doorstep. Your unique needs, preferences, home and lifestyle will be woven with our unparalleled expertise to maximize the function and aesthetics of your space, delivering a final product you can trust and enjoy for years to come.

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