Lutron HomeWorks QS Lighting Control System

Innovative Luxury Lighting Control

New Age Lighting is pleased to offer Lutron HomeWorks QS lighting control system installation services as the leading certified Lutron installer in Washington DC Metro. HomeWorks elevates the way you experience and control the lighting in your living spaces with cutting-edge technology, innovative convenience, and personalized functionality.

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Luxury Whole Home System

Our mission at New Age Lighting is to create timeless home lighting automation systems that cater to every lifestyle and space. With Homeworks as the illuminating force behind the scenes, we bring personal moments to life, making them shine with exceptional lighting experiences.

Designed for exclusive homes, HomeWorks QS gives you control of your surroundings, and
seamlessly integrates the control of electric light and daylight, as well as effortless integration with audio visual and HVAC systems.

Illuminate your space with the superior lighting choice
Customize and automate your lighting and shading control
Top-of-the-line customer service and satisfaction

Why Get a HomeWorks QS System
for Your Home?

Why Get a HomeWorks QS System for Your Home?

Investing in a lighting control system like HomeWorks QS gives you the ability to innovatively and intuitively control the lighting, audio visual systems, and temperature throughout your home. There are a wide array of unbeatable features that make HomeWorks the ultimate choice for homeowners who want to transform the experience, ambience, and functionality of their living spaces.

Refined Daylight Control

Energize your mornings with natural light, while ensuring privacy when you want it, with automated smart blinds. Convert harsh glare into soft, pleasing light, while preserving your view. Quiet, automated shades respond at the touch of a button or through a personalized schedule. Palladiom shading solutions feature an expertly curated fabric collection to complement your interior design. Create just the right amount and feeling of light for any activity or set moods in specific areas of your home – all at the touch of a button.

An Inspiring High Definition Palette

From a single source, drench your space in the widest range of pristine whites and vibrant colors available anywhere — from 1,400K to 10,000K — and dial them in with pinpoint precision. Conjure the warm glow of an incandescent, the enchanting cool of moonlight, or an immersive new world of your own creation with advanced Dynamic Spectrum control.

Exceptional Aesthetics

Complement interior decor with sophisticated, intuitive controls, and recall your favorite scene with a single button press. Palladiom keypads are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and are highly customizable to fit your needs.

A Transformative Environment

You’re in full control of your home environment. Experience high quality, dynamic light that shifts in accordance with sunlight, your mood or the task at hand with personalized light that is yours to design, control, and enjoy. Fill a room with great music with Audio Control. Adjust heating or cooling systems any time of day, even while you’re away from home with personalized Temperature Control.

Customization of HomeWorks QS System

We know that standard options don’t always quite fit our needs and preferences, especially for higher-end luxury homes – which is why we offer custom keypads.

Why Lutron?

Lutron, the world leader in precision-controlled, automated lighting and shading systems, brings over 20 years of experience to the industry. We provide complete lighting and shading solutions with Lutron’s top-quality products with a focus on lifelong customer satisfaction.

Lutron automated lighting and shading control solutions innovatively complement and customize to your lifestyle and needs, enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your home, and provide intuitive and streamlined convenience you will never want to live without once you experience it.

With exceptional attention to detail, we offer functional and beautiful controls in various styles, colors, and finishes. Enjoy seamless integration of daylight, electric light, security systems, and HVAC for a curated environment.

Precision Control of Daylight

Lutron lighting and shading systems allow you to precisely control the amount of daylight that enters your home and the right intensity of illumination that you want. This can help you create a comfortable and inviting environment, save energy, and maximize the health benefits of natural lighting.

Daylight has a substantial positive impact on mental and physical health. Lutron lighting and shading systems allow you to maximize the amount of daylight in your home, which can help you improve your overall health and well-being. Incorporating natural daylight into your living spaces not only brightens your home but also uplifts your mood and boosts energy levels.

Lutron lighting and shading systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with your daily routines, providing you with effortless control over the amount of natural light that enters your rooms. Whether you prefer soft, diffused sunlight or full brightness, our shading solutions give you the power to create the ideal environment for your well-being.

Why Work With Us

As a leader in innovative lighting and installation in the Washington DC Metro area, at New Age Lighting we set the standard for superior service with a guarantee to deliver lighting solutions that will transform and illuminate your home beyond your expectations.

When you work with New Age on your lighting control system project, you can trust that our team will bring your vision, and our expertly crafted vision for you, to life at its maximum potential. Your unique needs, style, taste, home and lifestyle will be woven with our unparalleled expertise to deliver lighting solutions that will maximize the aesthetics and function of your space, revolutionize convenience in your home life, and uplevel the comfort and enjoyment of your home.

We believe that lighting is more than just providing light. Our team of experts, who are at the forefront of innovative residential lighting services in the DC area, will create a lighting solution that you will cherish for years to come.

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Get Started on a HomeWorks QS Lighting Installation Project

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Experience the difference of working with the most trusted superior lighting company in the Washington DC Metro area – we look forward to transforming and illuminating your space to its utmost potential and beyond your expectations.