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New Age Lighting is pleased to offer custom Home Lighting Design to determine the best interior lighting options to transform your home to its maximum potential in aesthetics, ambiance and function. As a leader in residential lighting design in Washington DC Metro, we set the standard for superior service, with a guarantee to deliver a lighting design that you love.

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Custom Interior Lighting Design

At New Age Lighting we use a naturalistic approach to lighting design that maximizes the aesthetics of home interiors with a focus on customized, simplified function and evoking an inviting and comfortable atmosphere through mood, temperature and light layering. Design is expertly customized based on each room, features, style, and purpose, creating the ideal environment whether it is for family time, creative space, relaxation, or entertaining. Creating a visually beautiful space through lighting should include strategically incorporating contrast through the interplay of light and shadow and enhancing architectural elements, which is a key focus in lighting design of superb quality.

It is also a core focus at New Age Lighting to deliver lighting and practices that are beneficial to health and wellbeing. Poor lighting design, type and usage can affect sleep health, disrupt your natural circadian rhythms, impact mood and productivity, and cause glare and harshness that detracts from comfort and enjoyment of your living space. Through cutting-edge science, technique and top-of-the-line attention to detail and design expertise, we will transform your home to its utmost potential.

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Types of Lighting in Interior Design

Well-designed home lighting incorporates the following lighting types, which at New Age Lighting we strategically integrate into every residential lighting design project.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides general illumination for a room. It is typically used to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Ambient lighting can be provided by ceiling lights, wall sconces, or floor lamps, and sets the main light level and mood in a space.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides focused light for a specific activity, such as reading, cooking, or working. Task lighting can be provided by desk lamps, floor lamps, or overhead lights with adjustable beams.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a technique used to create visual interest in a space, or highlight specific features in a room, such as artwork, furniture, or architectural details. Accent lighting can be provided by recessed lights, track lights, or spotlights. They are a perfect option for creating ambiance and mood.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is used to add style and personality to a room. Decorative lighting can be provided by chandeliers, pendants, or table lamps.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is the technique of combining different types of lighting in a single space to bring depth and visual appeal to the room. Each layer of lighting focuses on a particular feature or zone of the room, and combining several types and styles, such as ambient, accent and decorative lighting, transforms the ambiance, enhances architectural elements and creates the overall mood of the room. A well-designed lighting layout should always include strategically crafted layered lighting.

At New Age Lighting we incorporate layered lighting in all of our customized lighting designs. Not only does layered lighting superbly enhance the aesthetics of a space, it transforms the look and feel of the whole room into an inviting and appealing atmosphere. Layered lighting also offers the following benefits:

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Top-of-the-Line Lighting Solutions

When you work with New Age Lighting on transforming your home with a lighting design project, we work with only the top, industry-leading brands and lines utilizing the latest technology, superior function and customization, and unparalleled aesthetics.


A Perfect Match For Your Project

We offer an extensive and highly customizable options of lighting fixtures and models for your lighting design project, tailored to your needs, style and room style and function.

Why Work With Us

As a leader in residential lighting design in Washington DC Metro, at New Age Lighting we set the standard for superior service with a guarantee to deliver a lighting design that will transform and illuminate your home beyond your expectations.

When you work with New Age on your lighting design project, you can trust that our team will bring your vision, and our expertly crafted vision for you, to life at its maximum potential. Your unique needs, style, taste, home architecture and lifestyle will be woven with our unparalleled design expertise to maximize the aesthetics and customized function of your home.

We understand how transformative the different types, styles, placements, temperature, usage, and layering of lighting has down to the subtlest nuance in creating the atmosphere, ambience and functionality of a home. It goes far beyond illumination – and our top-of-the-line lighting designers, leading the way in innovative and unparalleled lighting services in Washington DC Metro and the surrounding areas, will deliver
a lighting design that you will love.

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Start a Lighting Design Project

How does a lighting design project with New Age Lighting work? Once we begin, you will meet with one of our Lighting Professionals and they will provide a digital graphic design mockup with customized lighting recommendations tailored to your needs and vision. Your Lighting Professional will guide you through the entire process to capture your vision and blend it with our vision for your space and bring it to life.

To get started, click the button below to get an estimate on your lighting design project, or get in touch to speak with one of our lighting experts directly. We look forward to transforming and illuminating your home beyond your expectations and delivering a result you love as the superior choice in lighting design service in Washington DC Metro.