Proposal Terms

General Terms, Notes & Exclusions for Our Professional Services

Parts are warrantied for one year, labor is warrantied ninety days from the date of installation unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Many of our featured brands, including Lutron, DMF Lighting, and GardenLight LED, provide much longer warranty periods.

We will ensure you have the documentation needed to support warranty claims with manufacturers.

The following standard operating notes apply to our proposals:

  1. Normal working hours are 7:30am to 3:30pm on Monday through Friday except holidays.
  2. Total Proposal Price is based on the acceptance of all proposed work and includes the greatest volume-based discount available. No additional discounts or promotions may be applied.
  3. Parking accommodations to be provided by owner/agent or legitimate fees or citations to be reimbursable at cost.
  4. Any customer supplied devices or materials are to be UL listed.
  5. Due to the nature of this type of work, it may be necessary to cut walls and/or ceilings to install new electrical wiring. Every effort will be made to limit or eliminate drywall damage as best as possible.
  6. The existing ceiling is assumed to consist of only one layer of drywall or plaster.
  7. Cracks and/or nail pops may occur if it becomes necessary for our technician to go into the attic area.
  8. The existing service and circuitry is assumed operational and capable to accommodate any new proposed loads.

The following industry standard exclusions apply to this proposal:

  1. Electrical permit and inspection (unless listed on the proposal).
  2. Labeling existing panels & equipment (unless listed on the proposal).
  3. Patching, painting or other repairs to work area surfaces. Repairs to landscaping.
  4. Painting of any new or existing electrical materials or devices.
  5. Handling or removal of any latent objects or hazardous materials.
  6. Water proofing, sealing, pitch pockets or roof penetrations.
  7. Locating and marking of any known or unknown private utilities.
  8. Utility company fees or charges for temporary or permanent power.

Photos and video content recorded by staff may be anonymized to ensure client privacy and used for marketing purposes online and in print media. Client may opt out by request.

  1. Once we receive proposal acceptance and a deposit payment, we work quickly to confirm specifications, order your custom materials and schedule our technical team.
  2. Deposit payments are refundable for canceled projects up to the recoverable amount.
  3. Custom material orders, payment processing fees and unrecoverable labor are non-refundable and will be deducted from refund or billed to client in case of cancellation.
  1. Proposals expire 10 days from date emailed.
  2. The Proposed offer is subject to change if the duration of installation exceeds one year for any cause not due to the fault or negligence of New Age Lighting.
  3. New Age Lighting shall not be responsible for any damages to person or property attributable to bodily injury unless caused by any negligent act or negligent omission of New Age Lighting; or anyone directly or indirectly employed New Age Lighting.
  4. Amounts that are 30 days past due shall be subject to late fees of 1% per month and, if necessary, all costs of collections, including, without limitation, attorney fees and their costs.
  5. Due to erratic price increases in electrical materials, the Proposal price shall be subject to increases due to price fluctuations over the prices quoted us as of the date of this proposal, provided any increases are not due to any delay or negligence on our part.

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